The technology consists of a lightweight track, or rail, system, which is suspended from the ceiling or off of a wall, or a track-support frame, and includes one or more relatively small, robotic, self- propelled cars, or modules, that move along the overhead track(s) in either remote control or autonomous modes.


This technology is centered about “mobile robotic assistive devices that don’t take up floor space.”

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For monitoring the health and status of an infirmed person or animal; the system can track the target and maintain constant connection as well as detect a person’s fall or emergency situation


As a security monitor to scan areas for motion, smoke, noxious gases, fire, etc, both indoors or outdoors


As a device for interactive video games, e.g. supporting a virtual laser tag game

* Lots of possibilities SEE MORE

Coming this year…………..

We will be introducing our beta model of the ERAD-1 this year. It will include a linear track system (our track switcher is still in design & development) and comes with a car that includes a pan and swivel mount for an Android tablet, an Amazon Echo Dot and a battery power and charging system.

It will come with basic control software for the car via an IR controller and a controller app for your smart device. The control processor is Arduino-based and is open for software development at both the control processor level as well as for the attached Android device. This product is ideal for robotics hobbyists and software developers looking for new hardware applications.


Products in the works:

ERAD Software Developers Kit, ready May 2017, price TBA

This kit includes the Arduino processor suite (Mega Android board, WIFI/SD shield and a motor controller shield), all sensors, the drive motor, the battery and charger system and the pan/swivel mount with its two servos. Add an Android tablet and you have all of the electronic hardware to develop apps for the device.

ERAD-1 Beta model, ready September 2017, price TBA

This kit includes 18 ft. of track and ceiling connectors, a car and the battery charging system. Add an Android tablet or phone and you have the complete platform for a mobile telepresence/assistive device. It will come with software for basic control of the car.